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Over 20 Years Of Experience In Real Estate

“We develop and create residential housing in California!”

Jose Belman (CEO & founder)

Our beginnings and growth

Established in 2001, Capital Homes Investments LLC is a residential and commercial real estate investment company headquartered in Salinas, California. We have done $100,000,000 worth of real estate investments since 2001.

Core Business

Our core business focuses on the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of residential properties assets throughout California.

Sold 300+ Residential Properties

Successfully sold over 300 residential properties in California.

Invested, renovated & managed 50+ Properties

Invested, renovated, and managed over 50 residential properties with a total of over 1,800 apartment units at an average occupancy rate of 95%

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Meet Our Management Team

Jose Belman

CEO & Founder

Deeksha Negi

Director of Marketing

Pranjal Negi

Executive Assistant to Jose Belman

Client reviews

What people say?

I have known Jose as a friend, real estate investor/mentor for 6+ years. During this time, he has navigated the ebbs and flows of real estate market with great agility. I thus feel confident in investing and doing business with him for many years to come...
Sumonto Ghosh
Jose and the whole team are true professionals. Extremely good communication, I have been kept informed at every step of the process. They take time to explain what is going on and are very patient. These people are classy. They understand that this is business of people. Thank you team.
Rachel Kelly

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